Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinner With The Badger

I like to plan my meals ahead - first, it makes it easier to do my shopping, and secondly it helps me to have an idea of what (if anything) I need to do the night before, such as thaw out meat, start a marinade, etc.

Today is Wednesday, so I'll post what we're eating tonight and the rest of the week, and I'll post next week's menu. At first, it will seem as I've spent a great deal of money on these dinners, but in fact, I haven't. I buy in bulk when things are on sale, and place them into the dinner rotation. This way, I never buy for a week's meals at a time, nor do I decide what to eat and then buy those ingredients. Deciding to have Swiss Steak and buying a round steak at full price of $4.99/lb will eat your grocery budget up fast.

Seeing a thin round roast in the marked-down bin for $1.99/lb is when I decide to make a variation of Swiss Steak, called Swiss Steak stew out of HALF the roast. The other half is thrown in the crock pot to cook and made into French Dip sandwiches. I might add that both of those meals almost always have leftovers - enough for another entire meal.

How a Badger eats for a week:
Tonight: Leftover Schnitzel and spatzle. (German meal - schnitzel is made from boneless pork loin that I purchased for $1.79/lb at Memorial Day. That $9.00 pork loin has fed us three times, with enough left in the freezer for at least two more meals.)

Thursday: Buffet night. (Whatever leftovers are in the fridge, make sandwiches, etc. This is garbage night, so time to clean out the fridge!)

Friday: Homemade pepperoni pizza

Saturday: Marinated grilled chicken shish-kebobs, Twice baked, stuffed potatoes, steamed green beans - BACK UP PLAN IF RAINING and can't grill: Creamy Chicken Packets, Cream corn, buttered egg noodles


Sunday: --- no dinner --- (Gone all day to a Germania Member Outing, dinner is provided)

Monday: Swiss Steak Stew, Mashed Potatoes, French rolls

Tuesday: Half Roast - Make French Dip Sandwiches with Au Jus, French Rolls and Homemade french fries

Wednesday: Chicken Broccoli Alfredo, Garlic rolls

Thursday: Buffet night. (Whatever leftovers are in the fridge, make sandwiches, etc. This is garbage night, so time to clean out the fridge!)

Friday - Crockpot Italian Chicken, egg noodles, green beans

Saturday: Salad, Spaghetti, Garlic Bread

Things I make myself:
Pizza Dough
French Rolls (using Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day Method)
French Fries (Sometimes cut fresh, sometimes half-fried and frozen)
Spaghetti Sauce (made in bulk and frozen in portions)
Italian Bread to make Garlic Bread (using Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day Method)

Things Bought in bulk on sale:

Chicken Breast - $1.99/lb
Round Roast - $1.79/lb (marked down bin)
Mozzarella - 5lbs/$10.29 at Sam's Club (this lasts MONTHS - freeze to save)
Pizza Sauce - $3.29 Industrial Sized can from Sam's Club - (portioned and frozen to save)
Egg Noodles - 5lb bag, $3.99 at Sam's club
Frozen Broccoli - 2lbs, $1.99 at Kroger

From those purchases listed above, combined with what I had at home, I built this meal plan. The meal plan itself actually stretches throughout most of July, but I'll add that as we go along - it's overwhelming otherwise! 

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