Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Little Badger Went to the Market...

A Saturday morning in the Badger's Midwestern hometown means going to the Farmer's Market.

Heavy rain this morning kept many of the normal vendors away, but Mrs. Badger doesn't mind the rain.
In fact, Mrs. Badger likes the rain.

Many people have been very busy telling Mrs. Badger to skip the Farmer's Markets in her area - she can get the food cheaper at the grocery store - And it's true. 

But Mrs. Badger don't care about paying less for vegetables in this one instance. What is important to Mrs. Badger is supporting the local small farmers - most of whom are families with less than 20 acres of farmland.

Take for instance Jericho Run Farms. One family + 15 acres of farmland in Oxford, Ohio = A Way of Life.

I would much rather pay them more per pound on vegetables than some grocery store. I know where the food was grown, I can go see their farm anytime I want and purchase from them, and I can talk to them personally about what methods used to grow their food. I look right in the faces of those who grew it and harvested it.

Badgers are solitary animals, that's true - but we recognize the need for a good, strong, local economy. Helping the local farmers is an important step. I want them to keep their farms running. I do NOT want that farmland sold for more cookie-cutter cardboard housing. (Which, sadly, is exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Badger live in - bought long before they understood the ramifications of their purchase)

There is also something to be said about walking around the old courthouse square, and interacting with the merchants. I'm reminded a little of my time in Europe when every Saturday was a big market day, and the cathedral square was teeming with vendors selling everything from food to curtains.

The old courthouse and some of the vendors in Badger's hometown

So what did Badger buy?
- 6lbs of green beans - $2.00/lb
- Silver Queen White corn - $1.25/4 ears

The green beans were certainly cheaper at the grocery store ($1.28/lb) but I want to can these green beans, so I wanted the freshest possible - and I wanted to know that what I was canning wasn't loaded with pesticides and fertilizers. Call me a nasty, political badger, but I also wanted to support an American farm-family - not agriculture using illegal immigrant labor.

Not everything a Badger does will be based solely on money; sometimes it's based on doing what the Badger feels is right. And the Badger feels supporting local families making a living as they hold on to their farms is the right thing to do.

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