Sunday, July 15, 2012

You Know You're Shopping in the Midwest When...

There's no doubt about it - Shopping in the Midwest is very different from most places in the United States.

There's a real emphasis on down-home, homey-feel-good feelings for shoppers.
There's also a real emphasis on many of the lost arts (for lack of a better word) that I have rarely seen women outside the American Midwest practice. Like... canning and preserving food.

I know that many women around the USA do can foods and use other methods of preservation. Most of the women I've talked to around the nation fall into one of two categories:

1) They grew up canning, and never stopped
2) It's a recently learned skill - learned with the *Canvolution* that has swept the nation.

Even with the rise of food preservation across the US, I've noticed that few stores around the nation cater to food preservation. One lady that I talked to while out in San Clemente California said that she "didn't know people still did that sort of thing".  While there's nothing wrong with that view, I want to tip my hat to shopping in the Midwest.

Where else are you likely to find an ENTIRE aisle devoted to canning supplies, like this?

Yes - all those green cases and boxes are Ball canning supplies. With sugar bags conveniently within reach. The other side of the aisle was also all canning supplies. And... so was the NEXT aisle. 

The other way you know you're in the Midwest?

There's a great deal of trust and *help yourself* attitude. Like this at the front of the store: 

That's right. Free popcorn and free coffee while you shop. Notice the pallet of green canning jar cases in the background.  Yes.. you are in the Midwest, my friends, otherwise known as Badger Territory.


  1. You have to love Rural King!
    Butcher's twine is super cheap there.
    And don't forget your anti monkey butt! Yes, it is really called that. And yes I buy it for Ron and John. They sweat alot!

  2. Anti-Monkey butt? Ok.. now I have something NEW to look forward to.

    Mr. Badger could surely use some.