Monday, July 16, 2012

Badger Scum Removal

Badgers sometimes can be messy little creatures. We don't mean to be, but it happens.

Today I'll be canning strawberry jam, strawberry-blueberry jam and some green beans. This means I'll be making a sticky mess with sugar and fruit all over the kitchen.

The best way to combat what we refer to as *Badger Scum* in this house (Mr. Badger's affectionate term for my little piles of messes I leave when I'm working on something) is a sweet cleaner I learned to make from my good friend over at The Penny Wise. No - I'm not just plugging her blog again. I really LOVE this cleaner - and once you've made the initial investment for the liquid Castile soap, it really is stupidly economical.

Here's the link to her article about it - The Penny Wise Homemade Cleaner

Here's the basic recipe:

1 tsp. Dr. Bronner's liquid Castile Soap
1 tsp. Washing Soda
3 tsp. White Vinegar
2 cups hot water
Spray Bottle.

Put everything in the spray bottle (it will foam up a bit)

Use on everything!

I kicked this recipe up with a few drops of tea tree oil for more antibacterial fighting properties when me and Mr. Badger kept passing a nasty flu bug back and forth - it worked like a charm!

Let me be clear - this cleaner isn't just for counters. It does work well as a de-greaser also. I've also used this basic recipe for mop water, and have been stunned at the results on my kitchen tile.

If you like a fresh smelling house without all the harsh perfumes, this cleaner is for you. You can choose the scent of Castile soap (I like the peppermint and the lavender) or you can get the scent free. The peppermint makes the whole house have a very light, crisp scent. I actually LIKE cleaning with this stuff - no burning eyes or lungs, and I also don't have to worry about using it around my cats. I trust that in general, animals are inherently smarter than humans on some things - this cleaner passes their test. By that, I mean whether I'm spraying it on the counters or mopping the floor, they don't flee the room as they did with my other favorite cleaners. (Previously Clorox Clean Up for the bathrooms and Green Works for the kitchen)

It does NOT smell noxious or take your breath away - yet it gets the job done beautifully. What more could you ask for?

I'm off to start my canning. I have to make another bottle of the cleaner this afternoon to keep in the bathroom - I'll add pics of the ingredients then! (and of the canning debacles that are sure to come!)


  1. My favorite is peppermint also! My mom loves the lavender. I did buy the citrus also. Yes, I did go a little crazy!
    I've made this so many times and have barely put a dent in the bottle. It's the best cleaner I've ever used.
    Did I tell you I took it to work and cleaned the kitchen hood. I had my doubts that it would work on that but it pulled it right off. Amazing stuff!
    Thanks for the plug.
    The Penny Wise

  2. Karen - I didn't see the citrus scent when I bought mine. I was at Target, it was on sale, so I chose from the four they had. (Lavender, Peppermint, Almond and Scent-Free)

    I think I'd like to try the citrus and almond next. But, I have to say - I very much like the peppermint - it's just right - not overwhelmingly scented!

  3. I think I got the citrus off Vitacost.

    I've also used the peppermint to make foot sugar scrub. :) It is still my favorite. Can't go wrong with it.
    I'm excited to see I've got someone else doing some of my crazy ideas. Besides my mom. She does them all. Including your fabric softener... which I still haven't tried. I've been waiting until I run out. It's been a while. The stockpile ya know?!