Sunday, July 15, 2012

Badgers and Coupons are like Bleach and Ammonia

Mrs. Badger doesn't use many coupons - not because they aren't worth the time, or that they can't save you a BOAT LOAD of money. For most people, coupons are worth the time, and they do save you boat loads of money.

The reason you won't see Mrs. Badger using many coupons is for one simple fact: They almost never have coupons for what Mrs. Badger uses and buys frequently - and Mrs. Badger ends up buying all kinds of stuff she doesn't really need when she uses coupons. There's a whole lot of "Mrs. Badger don't care! Mrs. Badger sees she doesn't have to pay shit for this premium steak marinade. Who cares if she doesn't need or want it?"  ..... Yeah... Mrs. Badger does that a lot  when she uses coupons. Ahem.

I know I can get many things almost free, if not completely free by using coupons. My good friend over at Penny Wise is a phenomenal couponer. Given enough time, that woman could get you a year's worth of groceries, personal products and everything else you could ever want for virtually free. 

This isn't too far from the truth with Penny Wise!

But, Mrs. Badger isn't quite that organized, nor that diligent with couponing. There are also only two of us in the Money Badger Household, making shopping easier for Mrs. Badger. And, as I said, there aren't many coupons put out for what Mrs. Badger uses: flour, sugar, canning supplies, fresh vegetables, etc.

So, what coupons does Mrs. Badger routinely look for and use?
- Pet supplies (litter, food, treats, etc) There are five cats in the Badger Household. They're fussy little critters, too.
- Non-food items (Mostly seasonal things - back to school/office supplies, special baking goods at the holidays, etc)

And... that's mostly it. I make most of the cleansing agents used in the home, including laundry soap. (We'll cover those soon)

There is nothing wrong with buying convenience foods and pre-packaged items (most of what you will find coupons for in my area) if your family desires them, and you have the time to coupon for them; with diligence you can get most items free or pretty darn close to free.

Mr. and Mrs. Badger have health and dietary needs that dictate we have to be very careful with what we eat - boxed foods are loaded with many things we shouldn't have. Making them from scratch, however, allows us to eat more of what we'd like, yet avoid all the bad stuff we shouldn't have.

This, of course, goes back to one of the basic Badger principles: You either spend time, or money. 
Badgers spends a lot of time in the kitchen - that's her choice.

I will never advocate this is the right way for everyone; but it is the right way for us. Frozen hot pockets are not a viable option for us, but homemade versions of hot pockets with low sodium ingredients are. Therefore, it's worth my time to skip couponing and just make them from scratch. But.. once again - how often do you see coupons for flour, or yeast? Maybe at the holidays, but I've learned that buying flour and yeast in bulk at the lowest possible price yields me far more flour and yeast for less than the price of the coupons put out at the holidays.

By the way - Penny Wise  has a  fantastic homemade hot pocket recipe!


  1. Thanks Trish!! This totally made me LOL!

  2. Karen - I was saving that cartoon just for YOU. When I saw it... I thought of you!

    You have to be the most phenomenal couponer I personally know - my hat's off to you!