Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good Morning, Badger!

That's right. Badgers LOVE breakfast.

What this Badger hates is all the fuss and rush of the morning while I'm still bleary-eyed from sleep AND the outrageous prices of breakfast meats today.

Doing it Badger-Style, I've found my own way of battling the whole breakfast issue by taking many of my cues from OAMC. (Once A Month Cooking) I don't necessarily cook up an entire month's worth of breakfast at a time, but I generally plan for it when something is on sale.

Here's one of the household favorites. Cost breakdown is below instructions.

Badger's Breakfast Bagels (Mr. Badger's favorite
  • Mini Plain Bagels
  • 12 eggs
  • Bacon or sausage (whichever is on sale. When none is on sale, we skip the meat)
  • Cheese
  • Butter
Finish cutting your bagels into 2 halves.
Butter each half. (this keeps the dry bagel from stealing moisture from your meat, cheese and egg)
Make your eggs*** (see note)
Fry your meat - drain well. If using bacon, I break the bacon strips in half for the sandwiches.

When all items are cooled, assemble your bagel, placing the egg, the cheese, then the meat. That order is preferable, as the cheese helps to hold the items together when it's reheated. Put bagel top on.

Voila! Finished Bagels!
Wrap bagels first in Waxed Paper

Then wrap in foil and freeze

To reheat: Frozen bagel - 40 seconds in microwave.  Defrosted bagel - 20-25 seconds in microwave.
Times may vary.

***Note on eggs: Crack the eggs and whisk them lightly as you would to make scramble eggs. There is more than one way to make these - just use what suits you best.
Method 1: Pour equal amounts into 12 greased jumbo muffin tins - bake.
Method 2: Pour into round ramekin cups and microwave until done.
Method 3: Pour egg mixture into a well greased 9x13 baking dish - bake. Cut squares of eggs with pizza cutter when done.
Method 4: Pour half the mixture into a large skillet - fry untouched as if it were an omelette. Slide out of pan onto cutting board, cut with round biscuit cutter. Repeat with second half of mixture.
Method 5: Your way - something easier than I have seen! (If you have another way, PLEASE let me know!)

I generally use Method 4 - although I only get about five egg rounds out of my size of skillet. I adjust accordingly for the egg batter I put in the skillet each time. I have used the left over egg bits from cutting the egg rounds for other bagels to be eaten immediately. I just pile them on and nuke them so the melted cheese holds all the bits together.

Mr. Badger takes one each day to work for his first break. I make up a batch every Sunday, and they are GONE by Friday, with only two of us in the house!

Cost Breakdown: 
 - eggs - .99 cents at Aldis for a dozen
 - bacon - $1.99/lb for John Morrell bacon at Kroger last week. I used a half pound, so... $1.00
 - 12 slices cheese. I buy 5lb. block, 160 slices of American Cheese from Sam's Club for $9.45. that comes out to 6 cents per slice of cheese.
 - 12 bagels, Kroger brand - $1.49

SO... the whole shebang cost me $4.20, or about 35cents per bagel. That is breakfast for two people for six days. Skip the meat and have just cheese and egg bagels (pretty good, really!) and you can cut a lot off that price. For 30 minutes of my time on a Sunday afternoon, we have breakfast all week!

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